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We get coaches when we want to improve our fitness, our business and our sport! Why not for your relationships? Your relationships can get stronger and healthier with The 4G Coaching Method!

I have always been passionate about helping clients achieve success in both their fitness and mindset challenges. I wanted to take a deeper dive on what motivates people, so I went back to graduate school to study clinical counseling.  I studied it for two years and never became a licensed counselor because I realized my passion was more about being a coach ... those "here and now" moments with clients. The coaching method focuses on the current situation, and the coach and client work as a team to create an action plan to become healthier.  


I began to study how coaching emotional wellness can propel people into a higher level of self awareness, and how to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. According to Harvard graduate and physician Dr. Herbert Benson, he wrote several evidenced-based books proving that a positive perspective and motivation improves our health and mindset. As the founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute, he encourages a deeper focus on the good, by emphasizing the wellness component. Through this, he discovered healing proof for the physical and emotional wellbeing of his patients and they became better. 

So how can we be better in our relationships? It's simple. If we focus on the good, then it's easier to GIVE into the relationship. We've all heard relationships are a give and take.  By learning the 4G Coaching Method, you'll never need to say that again! The giving will just organically  happen! Relationships will become healthier and almost feel effortless. 


My method is a 4-step process about giving and knowing what to give and when in relationships.  My coaching approach is about understanding what makes you ... you! We discover your personality style through conversations, assessments and activities. 

I created The 4G Coaching Method that is based on a culmination of certifications and trainings in behavioral health, integrative health coaching, life coaching, and pre-martial and marriage coaching. I use a variety of assessment tools to set a pace for journey together that will build a stronger and healthier relationship. The assessments will help you learn more about you and become a valuable resource for a lifetime.

My mission is to stand alongside of my clients and find what inspires them to be better and want all that life has to offer with their partner. Even good relationships can get stronger!


Life is short, so let's go from fine to fantastic!


Holding Hands

Giving Grace 

It can actually be easy to give grace once you fully understand your partner. We all respond differently to situations, but learning what makes each of you tick makes the hard moments not so hard. Get to know each other on a deeper level by using The Flag Country assessment.


Giving Love

Love is a noun that is only felt when it becomes a verb. It’s an action that means something to the person you are loving. The Five Love Languages help each partner understand what the other needs to feel loved. A simple assessment with big results once you understand how to fully embrace it!

Holding Hands

Giving Respect 

When things are good, you are good to each other. What about when the challenges come? Learn how to keep respect at the forefront of your relationship with the Love & Respect process. It’ll get you off the merry-go-round of emotions into just being merry!

Holding Hands

Giving to Each Other

When you feel fulfilled, it’s easy to give because your love bank is full. You have reserves to make a withdrawal. The challenge is working in deficit and still making things good for each other. Take a communication assessment and learn tools that will strengthen your relationship.

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