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Integrative Health Coaching | Duke University 

Clinical Counseling, Master's Education | Ashland University 

Pre-martial and Marriage Coaching | Professional Christian Coaching Institute

Facilitator | SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts)

Marriage Mentor & Facilitator | Love & Respect

Life Coach | Fowler Wainwright International  

Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist | American Council on Exercise 

Comprehensively trained in Pilates & Master Trainer for Barre | Balanced Body 

Bachelor's in Arts & Science, focus on Creative Writing | The Ohio State University 

Debbie Triplett

Since the day Larry and I decided to get married, we agreed to attend a marriage conference or retreat every year. We figured people get annual reviews at work, sign up for career enhancement trainings and hire a coach for sports so why not relationships? Every year we learn something new about each other. The best part is we learned what makes each other tick and ticks each other off before it became an issue!  We are not perfect but we live with grace, love, respect, support ... and lots of laughter!

I created The 4G Coaching Method based on assessments, surveys, workbooks, seminars, books, scientific research and personal experience. The four ways people should give to their relationship are four ways to make it go from fine to fantastic. Life is short so let’s live it up with our partner!

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